Free RuneScape Accounts
Hi there everyone! Have you ever wanted to be rich and have high stats in RuneScape?

Well if you do, you have come to the right place. On this blog I am giving away high level RuneScape accounts for free. I've been collecting accounts since December 2007, when Jagex took out the PK wildy and free trade. (They brought both of those things back in February 2011).

I collected about 30 high level accounts from quitters during that time, and since then I got about 45 more of them. I've played a bit on most of the accounts to level up the two new skills (Summoning and Dungeoneering), and 50 accounts are ready to be given away right now! All the items on the accounts have been sold to make a large pile of cash so you can buy all the gear you want! You need to download the text file containing the username and password. Make sure that you change the password right away if the account hasn't been taken yet! The recovery questions, bank pin, account creation date and other info about the account will be located in the notes section, so other people won't be able to recover the account once one person downloads it. That's why it's so important to change the password right away. Change the recovery questions and bank pin as well, then write all that down on a piece of paper along with the creation date and then delete the info from the notes. Also register your email address with the account. First person to download is the person to get the account. If the account that you downloaded has already been taken, try a few other ones or wait until I upload more accounts. Check back for new accounts daily. To make sure that you are not a bot downloading accounts you will need to do a quick and easy human verification test. I don't want someone to just turn on a bot and download all the accounts that I've got here. Well quick, pick out an account and download it before the others do and you will be playing with it in minutes. Oh yes, one more thing, I can't have people posting any comments on this blog because, years ago, people kept spamming the comments and forums on another site that I used to have; with "plz send me acc to my email", well i can't do that for everyone so comments and forums are removed.
Instructions to download:
1. Click the link.
2. Once the page is loaded, a 5 second timer will start in the top right corner.
3. When the timer is at 0 seconds, click skip ad.
4. You will then be redirected to the download page.
5. Follow the instructions on there to download the text file. It's easy.

Alright, lets get started!
Account #1

Gold: 276M
Quest Points: 149
Combat Level: 121
Membership Left: Yes
Download Account#1

Account #2

Gold: 383M
Quest Points: 248
Combat Level: 122
Membership Left: Yes
Download Account#2

Account #3

Gold: 200M
Quest Points: 149
Combat Level: 70
Membership Left: Yes
Download Account#3

If you are wondering about the strange setup,
the reason all the stats are level 50 is because
I saw something like this on Google Images one day,
and I decided to create and train an account like this.

Account #4

Gold: 209M
Quest Points: 175
Combat Level: 110
Membership Left: Yes
Download Account#4

Account #5

Gold: 103M
Quest Points: 0
Combat Level: 63
Membership Left: Yes
Download Account#5

This account is one i created myself and it is an excellent
Dragon claws PK pure. 

Account #6

Gold: 721M
Quest Points: 294
Combat Level: 129
Membership Left: Yes
Download Account#6

Account #7

Gold: 343M
Quest Points: 238
Combat Level: 125
Membership Left: Yes
Download Account#7

Account #8

Gold: 1265M
Quest Points: 202
Combat Level: 116
Membership Left: Yes
Download Account#8

This account is really rich and has Chaotic Maul
and Ring of vigour from Dungeoneering Rewards.

Account #9

Gold: 805M
Quest Points: 301
Combat Level: 135
Membership Left: Yes
Download Account#9

Account #10

Gold: 384M
Quest Points: 297
Combat Level: 136
Membership Left: Yes
Download Account#10